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Illusion of Time

This theme came from collaborating so many ideas and thoughts and then I felt, it is the right time to put these ideas on paper. 

Stories and characters with happy ending were always fascinating to me. They made me want to create art, which shows a story. Now TIME, reading too much of Dali’s book, watching time travel videos and listening to motivational speeches made me realise how life can be beautiful and I just need to explore it.


There are many questions that keep coming into our mind. We often wish we could go back and change the time or wish things would be different if we controlled our destiny. Such thoughts made me also realise that we can’t change anything that happened in the past, but we can work hard to correct our present. That’s what I realised when I started this theme but now this theme is taking a fresh turn, it’s growing in its style, in concepts and in ideas. 

In this series, I have shown a character lost in her own time zone. Many stories are going along with her. She is developing with each story. Sometimes she is in her imaginary world, sometimes in mythological stories or in her own thoughts. Her identity is the same, but her representation keeps changing. 

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